Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Skin Gem Has Moved


I am very proud to announce that I have moved to Denver, CO to work with my daughter at AVIV Wellness.

AVIV will now offer first-class, professional skin care as well as, world-class massage therapy. If you're in the Denver area, don't hesitate to make an appointment.

You can also find us on Facebook & Twitter.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Intl Esthetics, Cosmetics & Spa Conference

Had a great time at the International Esthetics, Cosmetics & Spa Conference earlier today at the Jacob Javits Center. I saw a lot of great pieces of equipment & products, and I plan on introducing some of them soon to my customers. I'll keep you posted.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Hi everyone, welcome again to Skin Gem. I just would like to share some information about my treatments.  I am not your ordinary Esthetician. In fact, I don't enjoy using chemicals on my skin.
I only use organic products that not only make you look good but are also very healing to your skin.
When applying these natural organic juices combined with facial massage and the right type of stimulation, you will get the best results possible. And with frequent treatments, your skin will look and feel great. Call me at (720) 260-0848 so we can discuss your customized treatment.

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

New Location

If you're near Brooklyn, you can call me to make an appointment for a great facial or one of my home made, organic treatments. I'll be working out of Gena Deva Hair on 99th St & 3rd Ave. in Bay Ridge. (720) 260-0848.

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Skin Care: 9 Things to Do to Prepare for Spring - Skin Care

The season is about to change. Cold, wintery days will soon turn into warm, sunny spring weather. And while you will automatically change to lighter, more colorful clothes you may not think about steps you should take to change your makeup and skin care regimen.
 Skin Care: 9 Things to Do to Prepare for Spring - Skin Care

Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Benefits of Facials

I recently offered a free facial as a raffle prize in an entrepreneurial networking group and to my surprise, the winner was a man. He immediately refused to acccept the prize and instead elected to pass it on by choosing a new name from the prize bag. Again, it was another man and he also refused the prize. This is why I decided to write this article. I was not aware that there is such a stigma about facials just being for women. I have worked at five star hotels and some of my best clients were men.

My facials are geared for all genders. Maybe if I can just walk you through a treatment, you can get an idea of what one of my facials consists of. From working in different settings like luxury hotels, small spas, etc., what they all had in common are their warm, cozy feeling where you immediately feel welcome. I took these qualities and added them to my own home setting. I also welcome you with water infused with fresh fruit or a hot tea and a seasonal fruit bowl. As you enter the treatment room, you will hear soft music in the background that will help you start relaxing from the stresses of the day. Before starting, I always ask what you expect to see from your treatment and if you have any specific skincare need that you would like me to address during your facial. When I determine the treatment required for your skin type, I then step outside to give you privacy while you get comfortable.

The treatment begins with a nice warm towel scented with essential oils, either sweet, mint or herbal scents, etc. Depending on your preference, this will help to prepare the skin for treatment and soothe the senses, as well as to unclutter your mind. After cleansing your skin, I begin the treatment with a neck, shoulder and head massage to help relax the muscles and to promote blood circulation to the upper part of the body. This is followed by a vigorous facial massage to help tone the facial muscles and stimulate the lymphatic system to help remove toxins. At this time you should be totally relaxed and ready for the application of the appropriate mask for your skin type. The mask is left on for a while as I work your hands with a soothing massage. After removing the mask I apply a moisturizer, leaving your skin completely soft and renewed as we bring the treatment to a close and you're feeling like a brand new person.

Before you leave we discuss a simple home care regimen for you to follow and I answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding your home maintenance treatments.

I hope this will show that facials are something anyone could benefit from and not a gender specific treatment as is the common misconception. I also hope that this post will encourage everyone to at least give it a try.

Friday, November 06, 2009

GEM'S Secret Garden, Inc.

If you are interested in treating yourself to a body treatment and would like to try something new, we welcome you to try our spa located only minutes away from Time Square, NYC. If you are driving from the city, it's the second exit off the Lincoln Tunnel. Or you can catch a bus from the Port Authority: # 165,166,168, 128 or any bus going to Blvd. East.

We are a home based spa (by appointment only). We offer skin care treatments and massage. I am confident you will not be disappointed in our treatments. Our spa is very professional, warm, friendly and very private. We are licensed, professional therapists with over a decade of experience. Our experience ranges from luxury hotel settings such as The Four Seasons Hotel, The St. Regis Hotel, The Bryant Park Hotel, & The Westin Hotel and Spa. Our aim is to give our clients individualized, diversified, quality care and to fit their needs with high quality organic and natural products.

Our product line is unique and inspired by nature and is appropriate for all skin types. A consultation will determine the specific treatment required for your skin type. Our best selling facial is Christine’s Manual Face Lift. This is a great treatment to revitalize the skin and includes a deep cleansing exfoliation, a specially chosen mask followed by a vigorous face, head, neck and shoulder massage. For more information or to schedule an appointment please contact us @ 917-532-8807.

WIBO Event

Thank you WIBO (Workshop in Business Opportunities) for such a fabulous time I had last night at the partnership event. I met such great new friends with great ideas and much excitement over their new ideas. WIBO's Executive Director, Amini Kajunju has been a great inspiration to me and has encouraged me not to give up on my dreams. Our guest speaker Francisco Acosta, Internal Business Consultant, gave us great advise on what not to do in a network event, which I will definitely practice during our next event. The food was fabulous and the gift bags were just amazing. Thank you WIBO.

If you are planning to start a business, this is the place to go...wibo.org

Here's a few of the attendees that I had a chance to talk with at the event:

In case you're not familiar with WIBO, it is an organization that was founded in 1966 in Harlem. The Workshop in Business Opportunities (WIBO) is a private non-profit organization that is committed to assisting men and women with the drive to become successful entrepreneurs. WIBO’s mission is to enable small business owners and budding entrepreneurs from under-served communities to obtain financial success by starting, operating, and building successful businesses that develop economic power, provide jobs and improve communities.

Congratulations Yankees!

Opening the stadium this April with a blessing from God by Joel Osteen ushered in a year of blessings for the yankees and brought us our first championship in our new home.

Looking forward to a blessed 2010 as Well! Go Yankees!!!

Friday, October 16, 2009




Please go to NBC.com/SHINEALIGHT and vote for HAPPYBABY. They are a finalist with a chance to receive up to $100,000 in grant and marketing support.

HAPPYBABY organic baby foods launched on Mother’s Day 2006 with 5 products in 5 small NYC stores. The business is the brainchild of a social entrepreneur who wanted to make a difference using business, support sustainable agriculture, provide our children with the best start to instill eating habits for a healthy happy life, and simultaneously provid basic nutritional needs for less fortunate children simply trying to survive. Today, the innovative business has 26 products, always organic, formulated with leading pediatricians and nutritionists for optimal nutrition using the best ingredients nature offers, and can be found in over 5,000 stores nationwide with a loyal following.

The company’s ability to innovate is responsible for its great success. They care. HAPPYBABY pioneered a new movement in baby food with a line of sustainable organic home-style meals as an alternative to the processed jarred foods that had not been improved since the 1930’s. They were the first organic baby food to incorporate DHA, the essential fatty acid needed for brain development and used a sustainable vegetarian source. HAPPYBELLIES cereal was the first baby food to use probiotics which defend against the development of food allergies, asthma, and eczema while supporting digestive wellness. Their HAPPYPUFFS were the first organic puffed snack for baby as a low sugar alternative to the artificial products on the market. HAPPYMELTS are the first product to combine pre and probiotics in a truly healthy yogurt snack for tots. Their HAPPYBITES line encourages kids to eat their veggies by sneaking them into familiar flavors. Most recently, the company is the first to use the supergrain, Salba, the planet’s most nutritious grain.

HAPPYBABY has created a tight-knit community of its own with its Community Marketing Specialist Program whose actions positively impact local communities nationwide. These 50 moms support the mission to give babies the very best and work to educate parents about why organic is important for their baby’s delicate immune system, demonstrate how to make fresh foods, and simply get the word out. The global community is impacted in a truly unique way by the company’s very special partnership with the heroic nonprofit, Project Peanut Butter, that works to feed a starving child in Africa for an entire day based on each unit sold by HAPPYBABY!

Customer relationships are paramount to a company that exists to make babies and parents happy. The founding team personally responds to all questions, directs medically related questions to its experts, and really listens to the feedback and suggestions from parents in order to continuously improve. They further believe that being a resource for education and wellness is their duty. HAPPYBABY ‘s philosophy is highlighted in their new book, HAPPYBABY co-authored by revered pediatrician Dr Sears, provides parents with affordable green parenting options to raise their own healthy happy babies in an environmentally friendly way.

This story was submitted by the small business owner.
Nominated by: happymama

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Growing local-farm movement expanding to meat

Tim Young raises cattle, pigs, chicken, turkeys and more on his beyond organic farm

Growing local-farm movement expanding to meat - CNN.com
ELBERTON, Georgia (CNN) -- In a parking lot in suburban Atlanta, customers mill in the summer heat, waiting for freezer bags full of beef, pork, chicken and other meats.

The draw that pulled them away from their grocery store and to the tailgate of a packed freezer truck? The meat is from animals raised naturally on a small family farm just two hours away.

"By supporting local farmers, we are essentially voting to support the local economy," said Anthony Chan, a member of a group that gets its meat monthly from Nature's Harmony Farm in Elberton, Georgia.

Nature's Harmony is a member of a growing local-food movement, often referred to as Community-Supported Agriculture.

The CSAs, as they're called, are a model in which consumers pay for their food in advance and receive it directly from the farmer. Working much like a magazine subscription, customers pay for a period of usually at least six months and receive packages either at the farm or at established delivery locations like the one in Lawrenceville, Georgia.

Although thousands of farms have sprung up over the past two decades selling fruits and vegetables using the system, experts say there are probably only a few dozen that, like the Georgia farm, offer meat.

Farmers Tim and Liz Young raise cattle, pigs, chickens, turkeys and lambs on their 76-acre farm in northeast Georgia, near the South Carolina state line.

The couple describes their farming technique as "beyond organic," saying they use no artificial fertilizers, growth hormones or antibiotics and don't keep their animals penned up.

Life on their property -- where cattle and sheep graze in open fields and chickens follow along to clean up after them -- looks much like the classic image of a family farm. But the couple say they consider themselves healers to both their customers and, according to their Web site, a food system that "had become a machine with little regard for food safety, food taste and animal welfare."

"People are becoming very disconnected from the food system," Liz Young said. "Buying from a local CSA or just shopping at a local farm, you can see where it's coming from. You can talk to the farmers and figure out how the animals or the produce is raised."

The couple has 50 subscribers, plus a waiting list, and say 2,000 people receive a newsletter on the farm's activities.

Members of the nation's handful of meat CSAs, and the thousands of others, offer a list of reasons.

The food is healthier and tastes better, they say. They like supporting their local economy. Eliminating cross-country delivery is better for the environment, as are the sustainable farming techniques the farmers tend to use.

"Being part of a CSA means that I know the first names of the people who are raising the meat I eat," said Andrew Johnson of Kansas City, Missouri, a member of the Parker Farms meat CSA in Richmond, Missouri. "Whereas, with the meat I buy from the grocery store, I don't know where it came from or who raised it."